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The Bazza

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The Bazza loves getting barrelled. Loves bigger waves more. Keep this board Handy for those slabby sessions and strike missions. Featuring 4 channels and an FCS plug for a single fin, this shape is super fast, with unparalleled drive and direction. It also swims great, making it a great hand board for those that like to chase waves of consequence.

*Please note: The handplane in these photos features custom artwork, which is not included in the Handy Series, but is available by custom order here.

• 410mm high x 180mm wide x 30mm thick

Handplane Material:
• Recycled EPS foam
• Epoxy resin
• 4oz Expoxy E Fibreglass

• Handplane
• Strap
• Leash
• Boardbag


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The Yew!
Hippy Trippy Bodysurfing HandplaneHippy Trippy Body surfing Hand plane
Hippy Trippy
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