Meet our Bodysurfing Handplane Family

Our Handy bodysurfing handplanes are now available by custom orders.

More shapes coming soon.


Be prepared. Keep it Handy.

The origin of the idea behind Handy Surf Craft came one morning when the surf was just not right. It was high tide, and the outer banks of Main Beach on the Gold Coast were not doing its thing. The potential was there… but it was a case of waiting for the tide to go out a bit.

Meanwhile, the shorey was heaving!

Leaving the board in the car, I jumped into the water for a bodysurf and slid into some early morning golden barrels.

While getting some, but not making others, I thought if I had a handplane, I could possibly make some more? That was the moment I decided to start Handy Surf Craft.

The idea is simple.

Leave your bodysurfing handplane in the car so that when the chance comes, it will be there, ready to help you get barrelled.


Read about our initial product rollout plan here.

Bodysurfing Surfers Paradise Gold Coast

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